Values-based leadership development


Coach and human systems consultant

Individually and collectively, we have the power to transform ourselves, our organizations, our communities, and our world — for good. My purpose is to help you do that.


  • Leadership development and 360° profiling
  • Individual, relationship, and team coaching
  • Team and organization development
  • Strategic planning
  • Services available online and remotely


"Lynn’s style of coaching is inviting, warm and fearless. I felt welcomed to bring my whole self to the table."
—YH, health care
"Lynn brings such an amazing warmth to her coaching and creates a wonderful space to be able to explore. It allowed me to step up my game!"
—FC, entrepreneur
"Together we created major breakthroughs in a short period of time. I trust Lynn to boldly lead a person or team into transformative success."
—YH, health care
"Lynn’s coaching was a blessing! Her kind, loving nature, commitment to others, and coaching knowledge are an enlightening gift."
—JA, global corporation
"Lynn helped me work through issues I had been struggling with almost my entire life. Through her coaching, I developed a stronger sense of self and purpose. It was truly a transformative experience."
—KS, non-profit
“Lynn has a talent for helping you face difficult truths and navigate delicate relationships. I highly recommend her for problems that seem insurmountable.”
—RM, crown corporation
"Lynn has a great ability to gently move you forward and help you to get incredible clarity on things that were previously hard to grasp. And it’s fun!"
—FC, entrepreneur
“Lynn calls it like she sees it, inviting conversation, not shutting it down. Her gentle challenges bring insight, piece by piece, day by day – until small scale understanding becomes large scale changes.”
—JH, global corporation