Hazel Kantayeni, CARE International

The project team kept talking about the sessions you facilitated for us. Not only did they enjoy them, but those sessions bridged relationship gaps between our organizations, and between staff levels. People now better appreciate how important each one of them is to the realization of our project, and that each person’s job affects the others.

The one-on-one coaching you did with me came at a time when I was feeling intimidated with the huge responsibility in front of me. Our sessions made me realize my capabilities, and built my self-esteem and confidence. They completely changed how I look at myself.

Our partner organization benefited most from your work, since you spent most of your time there. Their functionality tremendously improved. This will work to our advantage, since they are our strategic partner in nutrition. You made a difference to be remembered.

Beatrice Mateyo, Coalition for the Empowerment of Women and Girls

Lynn’s openness encouraged all team members to participate and contribute their views. Team members were able to recognize their strengths, and the importance of their contribution to our organization. They realized that everyone matters, and that individual failure would result in the organization failing as a whole. Personally, I learned the importance of providing positive feedback, and that I can take different approaches in managing different team members. Through these sessions, we have been able to better harness our team’s potential.

Bessie Ndovi, national coordinator, Civil Society Organization Nutrition Alliance—Malawi

Lynn brought a new wave of change into CSONA. She took time to study and understand our organization, and then proposed ways in which to support us. I knew she always had the best interest of CSONA at heart.

The interviews she did with our stakeholders made revelations that have enabled us to work better, and improved the functionality of our network. She facilitated team building sessions that created a deeper trust amongst members of staff, instilled in us a teamworking spirit, and left behind a warm environment.

Apart from being an organisational development advisor, Lynn was also my personal coach. I was new to my role prior to her coming, and faced difficult challenges. Lynn coached me through some of those, and also taught me how to deal with things from a managerial perspective. She instilled in me a sense of self trust, and increased my self esteem as a leader.

AN, director, international non-governmental organization

Lynn pays attention to the details, and is constantly probing to help me explore my issues more widely and understand myself in more depth. Because of our sessions, I have greater clarity about my purpose, have been able to respond more effectively to challenging situations, and now have opportunities for career progression.


Lynn’s coaching engaged our senses, hearts, and minds. She unobtrusively guided discussion toward important issues, and prompted us to reflect in ways that fostered accountability. As partners in a loving relationship, we have become more purposeful, aware, and intentional; better able to thrive both as individuals and as a couple.

KS, non-profit

I did eight coaching sessions with Lynn, and the entire experience was delightful. I greatly appreciated Lynn’s warmth, humour, creativity, acceptance, and wisdom.

She helped me both get through a very difficult experience I was having at the time, and work through issues I had been struggling with almost my entire life. Through her coaching I developed a stronger sense of self, and explored my purpose in life. She also helped me develop an array of tools for managing difficult emotions, working through relationship issues, and deepening my intuition.

It was truly a transformative experience. I can’t recommend Lynn enough!

FC, entrepreneur

I have been coached by many different people, and Lynn has something special.

Lynn brings such an amazing warmth to her coaching, and creates a wonderful space to be able to explore. It allowed me to step up my game! Right from the start she put me at ease. I felt very comfortable to jump into sensitive and meaningful topics. Lynn has a great ability to gently move you forward and help you to get incredible clarity on things that were previously hard to grasp. And it’s fun!

YH, health care

Lynn’s style of coaching is inviting, warm and fearless. I felt welcomed to bring my whole self to the table. Together we were energized by what we shared, and created major breakthroughs in a short period of time. I trust Lynn to boldly lead a person or team into transformative success.

JA, global corporation

Lynn’s coaching was a blessing! Her kind, loving nature, commitment to others, and coaching knowledge are an enlightening gift. Lynn combines in-depth conversation, movement, curiosity, and a safe space to just be and do. I was very lucky to dive into this transformative experience, and deepen into my emotions throughout her powerful questions and guidance. This was an empowering experience in my commitment to create a bigger and more meaningful life for myself.

RM, crown corporation

Lynn is a fantastic business coach. I benefited greatly from her guidance through some challenging work situations. She has a talent for helping one achieve big results by helping them face difficult truths and navigate delicate relationships.

I highly recommend Lynn as business coach, and in particular for goals or problems that seem insurmountable.

JH, global corporation

Lynn is an excellent coach because she calls it like she sees it, inviting conversation, not shutting it down. Her gentle challenges bring insight, piece by piece, day by day, until small-scale understanding becomes large-scale changes.

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