The disruptions we are experiencing individually, organizationally, nationally, and globally can feel overwhelming. And yet many of us also sense an unprecedented opportunity to escape from habits, cultures, systems, and structures that have been entrenched, unsustainable, and destructive; an opportunity to actively contribute to a more life-giving human ecosystem.

How do you navigate through challenging terrain to achieve that vision? Where do you find the inspiration to lift yourself out of the orbit of reactivity, and into the dance of creation? Having a coach, a guide, an ally to support you can make all the difference.

Lathyrus Leadership is dedicated to inspiring a conscious practice of leadership that serves our planet, and recognizes our inherent unity.1 We work with leaders and teams, remotely and in person, helping you ground yourself in your values, explore new territory, and step into new ways of being and doing. Through this process, in ways big and small, we can change our world — for good.

  • Leadership development and 360° profiling
  • Individual, relationship, and team coaching
  • Team and organization development
  • Strategic planning
  • Services available in person or online

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Humans unite!

1 Adapted from Robert Anderson and Williams Adams of The Leadership Circle.


Individually and collectively, we have the power to transform ourselves, our relationships, our organizations, our communities, and our world. My purpose is to help you do that.

During my 30+ year career, I’ve worked in organization development, communications, human resources, and project management with organizations that include an international NGO, a global consulting firm, crown corporations, sole-operator businesses, and small non-profits. Through coaching, action research, and facilitated sessions, I support leaders and teams to:

  • Live and lead in closer alignment with their values
  • Experience greater meaning and fulfillment in their lives and work
  • Strengthen personal, community, and professional relationships
  • Work collectively with stakeholders to address systemic challenges
  • Identify and achieve strategic goals
  • Make transformative changes

The transformation of my own life and work began in 2008, when I was introduced to Dr. Stephen Schuitevoerder’s Process Work, and to the Leadership Institute of Seattle (LIOS). Two years later, I had amicably separated from my husband, left my job at a global consulting and outsourcing firm, graduated with a master’s degree in Leadership and Organizational Development, moved from Vancouver to Seattle to Ottawa, and back to Vancouver again, and fallen in love with a man named Cliff.

One year after that, Cliff’s sudden and traumatic death precipitated an earthquake in the lives of his children, family, friends, and colleagues — and for me. Everything I had believed and envisioned was swept away.

The process of reconstructing my life and my belief system has literally been founded on the love, passion, and kindness I’ve received and given since that time — and on embracing reality, no matter how inconvenient, painful, or ugly it seems. During two years of rock climbing and a one-year volunteer placement in Malawi, I continued to push myself out of comfort and into new territory. Malawi tested my adaptability, challenged my North American paradigms, and taught me about the value of connecting across differences.

These experiences give my clients a coach and consultant who can:

  • Stand with you and your team in facing difficult realities
  • Provide you with tools that orient you in the direction of your values and purpose
  • Support you in launching courageous explorations, and returning safely to basecamp
  • Guide you to new vistas and perspectives, from which previously unseen opportunities become clear
  • Facilitate collaboration across diverse backgrounds, cultures, and interests
  • Help you strengthen relationships to achieve results

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Master of Arts, Organizational Systems